“Close your eyes and listen to the wind,” I tell the kids. “The trees are talking amongst themselves, just listen.”

My Dad, the nature lover, taught me how to love the soil, to get my hands and feet dirty with nature as my canvas. Now as an adult, I always want to go on a picnic with the family but it’s during these difficult times that I find myself insisting the most. Times are tough, our world keeps shifting, we were definitely not prepared for such curveballs!  We all live by routine and don’t know how to slow down, our minds are always busy. That's because we're always multitasking and re inventing ourselves. But I tell you, our mental and emotional health needs prioritizing!  We are not getting any younger! and It’s OK to not be OK! it’s time to take a breather.
Escape to your zen and if you don’t have one, it’s ok, create one! Go for a walk, find a park, take your shoes off and dig your toes into the grass while playing your favorite beats! Cry if you must.
For me, it’s my sandy shore (backyard) with the help of plants, a comfy hammock and bright playful chairs. Once in awhile I go back to the place where I have fondant memories of my childhood. Oh what a treat it was to visit relatives that lived steps away from the beach!
As I sit still, I start to feel the soft grainy sand between my toes then I close my eyes to feel the clean ocean breeze caressing my face.          My Zen!


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Oh, the people that you will meet while vacationing!

Listening to the locals, their stories and engaging in conversations with them is an experience of its own. Wherever your travels take you, reach out to the them, say hello and simply connect.  They are more curious about you then you are about them.
This is why I strongly believe that Travel moves us, not just physically but in our hearts and in our souls....so if you're ready, let's embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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Happy Travelers Share Their Experiences

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Thank you Paula for helping me plan my vacation to Kauai! It was so nice to have all the information you provided and know that I could contact you anytime with questions about our trip. We had such a great time zip lining, kayaking, hiking, and tubing through the caves while enjoying the scenery. If I know of anyone planning a vacation that wants a personal touch rather than booking online, I will definitely send them to you!

Liz Jones


If anyone is looking for a awesome travel agent, let me highly reccommend my friend Paula Obledo ! I just returned from New Mexico in which Paula was so helpful in booking a great flight and answering all my questions and addressing my travel concerns! She even text me the evening before flying back to wish me a safe flight ! She will go that extra mike for you to make sure you have safe travels and a fabulous time

Cindy Sierra


Paula is very respectful, professional, and detail oriented. She made travel planning so much easier since we have a big family and may be difficult to find places that can accomodate a family of 6. She communicated with us before, during, and after to make sure everything was going as planned. we enjoyed our Puerto Vallarta family vacation. I definitely recommend Paula for your next travel plans and I for sure will use her again.

Susie Martinez


Paula is an amazing travel agent. She is knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients have a wonderful and unforgettable vacation experience. She goes out of her way to tailor your vacation to your desires and takes care of the details. Paula ensures that everything is taken care of for you. She met with me before my trip to go over itinerary and to see if I had any questions. Paula, called and texted to make sure my girlfriends and I had arrived to our destination and to confirm there were no issues with our reservations or transportation. Paula and the experience were so great that I already booked my next trip through her. I highly recommend booking your next trip with Paula. You will not regret it!

Flor Tataje



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